Are You Tired All The Time?


If you are constantly feeling tired or lethargic, have heart palpitations, nerve problems and increased memory loss, it is a good idea to check with your physician for testing Vitamin B12 levels.

Symptoms Of Deficiency: Memory loss, Muscle weakness or cramps , Lethargy and constant tiredness, Racing heart, Pale skin, dull lifeless hair,  Loss of appetite, Depression, Nerve related problems, Weight loss. Tingling or numbness. Abdominal bloating and gas.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Could Be The Reason. Vitamin B12 is essential for nerve function, red blood cell production, fat and protein metabolism, healthy hair, skin, eyes and liver. The body does not make vitamin B12; hence one’s daily requirement has to come from either supplements or animal based foods.  Vegetarians have a tougher time as supplements are usually in pill form with capsules made of animal letchitin.
Vitamin B12 deficiencies could be either due to not consuming enough of them through your diet or due to an absorption or other digestive problems. If you have a chronic B12 deficiency, your body can’t make the required amount of red blood cells that it needs and this can lead to anemia. The deficiency is also common as you age. Reasons For The Deficiency. Vitamin B12 deficiencies could be due to various reasons such as: Taking acid blocking/reducing medicines. Atropic gastritis. Pernicious anemia. Some auto-immune disorders like Lupus,Celiac disease or Graves’s disease.


Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin; hence the body does not store it and the same passes out through urine. The human body cannot synthesize Vitamin B12, and hence external sources are needed. Some Food Sources Of Vitamin B12 Are: Fish and shellfish. Meats. Eggs. Fortified cereals,soy and grains. Dairy products.  For vegans, we have a good alternative. All our enzymes especially the White and Red Dragon fruit enzymes are rich in Vitamins B. You can consume 1-2 shots per day neat or on the rocks.




Pear Orange: an interesting effect on scars

The Pear Orange Enzyme from Gobi is produced using whole oranges, i.e. with the skin. The skin contains much more phenol specifically ascorbic acid oxidase which helps the body in metabolizing vitamins C. See OrangePeel Oranges are rich in vitamin C and potassium. They have pectinases an enzyme is to increase the rate of chemical reactions our bodies. Without them, many of our biological processes will be quite impossible.

I have been suffering from trigger finger for 8 weeks and my fourth finger cannot straighten. I drank the Pear Orange Enzyme (two shots) most I have drank ever. Something very interesting happened.

My hands because super flushed. I’ve never felt this kind of blood circulation before and I use to feel this when I have run 10 km. At 50 years old, I am not able to run that kind of mileage anymore. But the feeling is incredible. The most amazing thing is that I straightened out my fourth finger. There was no pain. Another very interesting thing is that my scars became super red hot and very flushed.

It’s not painful but the old scars became flushed with blood and red. It feels super hot. I don’t get this kind of effect from drinking wine and beer. Even my old wound on my elbow heated up. The feeling is amazing. My whole hand feels as if it had super energy flowing through it.

My overall experience for drinking the Pear Orange Enzyme has been amazing. I felt really strong the whole day.

Key to orange is it’s essential oil that are brimming with enzymes.

  • Antioxidant- Our body cells are constantly being exposed to oxygen from the air that we breathe in. While it is needed for us to survive, the fact is that oxygen is the main cause of damage to our cells and the DNA. The enzyme works as an antioxidant that protects us from  inflammatory changes like heart diseases and insulin resistance that are very undesirable.
  • Bone Health– Many research studies have shown how the intake of orange juice can reduce the loss of calcium from the bones and maintain their density. Along with Vitamin C, pectinase works by improving the absorption of calcium from food as well as artificial supplements. A glass of freshly squeezed and unstrained juice every morning is the best way to gain the health benefits of orange.
  • Healthy Digestion– One of the most vital function of enzymes is their ability to break down complex food particles into simple ones that the body is able to use and absorb. The pectinase enzyme is a good supplement in those individuals who have a cancerous growth or blockage in the stomach, due to which the secretion of digestive enzymes is hindered. It also helps to prevent deficiencies of vitamins and minerals which is common if digestion is poor.
  • Cancer Fighting- There is sufficient data which shows that enzyme has tumor reduction properties and slows down the spread of the cancer and prevent it from causing harm to other healthy body tissues.
  • Reduce Inflammation- When there is damage to human tissue, it leads to redness and pain which are the common signs of an inflammatory condition. The use of enzymes helps to reduce pain while improving stamina and energy levels.
  • Immunity- To improve natural immunity, the body needs a good supply of nutrients and enzymes that will nourish body cells and make them resistant to common colds and infections. This is especially needed in children, the elderly and pregnant and lactating women. Enzyme supplements can be used for this purpose after the exact dosage has been determined by a doctor in order to prevent any interaction with prescription drugs.

About BrewBaga

About US

Our Business

  • consultancy
  • Fruit enzyme making
  • Equipment distribution

Our story

Brewbaga was birthed out of Gobi’s program for nutritional and functional desserts that are actually good for the body. We started our journey two years ago by using fruit enzyme for our Poire William Creme Brulee instead of Pear Cognac which we imported from France and the UK.

Original Poire William  Creme Brulee Fruit Enzyme Poire William Creme Brulee

We brew our own Pear Enzyme.The Fruit Enzyme takes 60 days to mature.The Pear takes 10 days to absorb the enzyme.


Structure of Alcohol Chemical Structure of Fruit Enzyme
Alcohol_vs_Enzyme_01 Alcohol_vs_Enzyme_02

The journey started two years ago by securing our own supply of high quality fruits to make our enzyme.

20141012_032 20141012_038

We did a lot of R&D to get the recipe right for the perfect enzyme.

We finally bottled our first enzyme after many trials.

20141118_03 20160305_076 20160305_133

We also figured out a way to reuse the fruit residual to make delicious jams that pack a lot of antioxidants.

20141225_028 20141226_03 20141226_01

We also didn’t throw away the fruit skins which are rich in Carotenes. We used the skins to produce our own line of tea that is healthy and filled with nutrients found naturally in fruit skins.

20160313_002 20160214_03 20160218_07

Our enzyme making was still pretty much a cottage industry operation. Very manual & labor intensive especially when it comes to cutting a basket of fruits like Pineapples. Not the easiest fruit to cut and blunts the blade easily.We hired quite a few aunties to cut fruits. The fastest to quit on us was 4 days. Technology was the only way for us to overcome the manual labor. We studied various technology to improve our productivity. In Singapore, these technology were almost non-existent. We had to write to quite a few brew gurus to get what we need.

20160407_001So if you had come to Gobi Joo Chiat and notice two very strange devices, that’s the few pieces of equipment flown in. More to follow.To make space for our enzyme production technology, we spent quite a bit of money renovating our place. A lot of our friends thought us crazy especially when pastry shops and cafes were closing left right and center. We decided to bring the equipment to the front of the shop rather than hide it at the back. This is a good way for us to educate our customers that there are alternatives to popping vitamin pills.
Gobi makes 4 types of enzymes at the moment. The average production of each enzyme is between 45-60 days. Currently our QC rejects 25%. We have a board of tasters headed by Celebrity Chef Sady Cerna  (a.k.a Hollywood Chef) helming the taste board and finally approval by Chef Jonathan. Every harvest goes to the board for a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’.

Label_VinoDeCirrus Label_CereusBlanco
Label_VinoDeAnanas    Label_VinoDePitaya

Sunday 10th April was our maiden load into our virgin fermenter.

20160410_022 20160410_061

タグ:サイダー、酵素、ゴビ砂漠、砂糖、味、健康的なデザート、革新的な、ヨンジュのジョーチアットに大きな低く、シンガポール14 갤런 효소 발효기 마지막에고비는 실제로 몸에 좋은 영양 및 기능 디저트를 포함하도록 진화하고있다. 우리는 우리가 프랑스와 영국에서 수입 한 우리의 Poire 윌리엄 크림 브륄 대신 배 코냑을위한 과일 효소를 사용하여 두 년 전 우리의 여행을 시작했다.원래 Poire 윌리엄 크림 브륄 과일 효소 Poire 윌리엄 크림 브륄우리는 우리 자신의 배 효소를 양조.과일 효소 성숙 60 일이 소요됩니다.배는 효소를 흡수 10 일이 소요됩니다.과일 효소의 알코올 화학 구조의 구조
여행은 우리의 효소를 만들기 위해 높은 품질의 과일의 우리의 공급을 확보하여 두 년 전 시작했다.우리는 완벽한 효소에 적합한 조리법을 얻기 위해 R & D를 많이했다.
우리는 마침내 많은 시험 후 우리의 첫 번째 효소를 병에.우리는 또한 산화 방지제를 많이 팩 맛있는 잼을 만들기 위해 과일의 잔류를 재사용 할 수있는 방법을 알아 냈어.
우리는 또한 카로틴이 풍부한 과일 껍질을 버리지 않았다. 우리는 건강하고 과일 껍질에서 자연적으로 발견 영양분으로 가득 차 우리 자신의 라인을 생성하는 스킨을 사용했다.우리의 효소 만들기는 거의 여전히 가내 공업 작업이었다. 매우 매뉴얼 및 노동는 파인애플과 같은 과일 바구니를 절단에 관해서 특히 집중. 아니 가장 쉬운 과일은 잘라 쉽게 칼날을 무디게.
우리는 과일을 잘라 대부분의 아줌마를 고용했다. 우리를 종료하는 가장 빠른 4 일이었다. 기술은 우리가 육체 노동을 극복 할 수있는 유일한 방법이었다. 우리는 우리의 생산성을 향상시키기 위해 다양한 기술을 공부했다. 싱가포르에서, 이들 기술은 거의 존재 하였다. 우리는 우리가 필요한 것을 얻기 위해 대부분의 양조 전문가에 기록했다. 당신이 고비 주 Chiat에 와서이 매우 이상한 장치를 발견했다 그렇다면, 그에서 비행 장비의 몇 가지있어. 다음에 더.
우리의 효소 생산 기술을위한 공간을 확보하기 위해, 우리는 우리의 장소를 혁신 돈을 꽤 썼다. 우리의 친구의 많은 과자 상점과 카페가 오른쪽 중앙 왼쪽 가까워지고, 특히 우리가 미친 생각했다. 우리는 가게의 전면에 장비를 가지고보다는 뒷면에 숨길하기로 결정했다. 이것은 우리가 비타민 알약을 진열하는 대안이 있다는 것을 우리의 고객을 교육 할 수있는 좋은 방법입니다.
고비는 순간 효소의 4 가지 유형을 만든다. 각 효소의 생산 평균 45 ~ 60 일 정도이다. 현재 우리의 QC는 25 %를 거부합니다. 우리는 요리사 조나단에 의해 맛 보드와 최종적으로 승인을 helming (할리우드 요리사 a.k.a) 유명 요리사 Sady 세르나가 이끄는 시음의 보드를 가지고있다. 모든 수확은 ‘야호’또는 ‘아니’의 보드로 이동합니다.
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